Java 7 File Attribute Views

I couldn’t find a list of the results of FileSystem.supportedFileAttributeViews() on various operating systems, so I made one: UnixFileSystem/BsdFileSystem/MacOSXFileSystem: “basic”, “posix”, “unix”, “owner” LinuxFileSystem: Unix + “dos”, “user” SolarisFileSystem: Unix + “acl”, “user” WindowsFileSystem: “basic”, “dos”, “acl”, “owner”, “user”

Syncing large file libraries over the Internet

With the demise of FolderShare, I’ve found it rather difficult to keep my music library synchronized between home and the office. While there is software you can buy like SuperSync, you can pretty easily achieve a more general solution using free software, with the added benefit of universal OS support (e.g. Windows, Mac OS X, …

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Easily centralize a local Git repository

If you’re like me (and condolences if you are), you’ve often started a local Git repository for a new project, and then later wanted to create a shared upstream repository on another computer. (GitHub walks you through this, but let’s assume you want to manage the shared repository yourself.) Before I knew Git very well, …

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Putting UTF-8 into C/C++ Source Code

After much googling, I could not find any tools for converting a UTF-8 string into an escaped C/C++ string literal suitable for pasting into an ASCII source file. Therefore I produced this Perl script which seems to provide a fairly readable escaped string: use strict; chomp; print ‘”‘; my $prev_esc = 0; print map { …

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Build Boost 1.39 for 64-bit Windows

Building Boost for 64-bit Windows turns out not to be completely straightforward. These instructions assume you’re using Visual Studio 2008 and running from a VS 2008 x64 Command Prompt. First, running bootstrap.bat appears to fail: Building Boost.Jam build engine Failed to build Boost.Jam build engine. Please consult bjam.log for furter diagnostics. You can try to …

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Expat 2.0.1 for 64-bit Windows

I couldn’t find any instructions for building Expat for 64-bit Windows (x64), so I updated the 32-bit projects files myself: See my projects page for brief usage instructions. Update: With the March 2012 release of Expat 2.1.0, Expat now supports building with CMake, and these build files are no longer necessary. After installing CMake …

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