Europeans Of The Year

Unless you’re totally xenophobic, you should consider voting for the Europeans of the Year, organized by the European Voice magazine, which “casts a spotlight on 50 individuals who have most influenced the European legislative and political agenda during the preceding year”. (They have to be European, but you don’t.) I took interest in this poll …

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Java ClassLoaders

I just read an interesting article about Java ClassLoaders: Find a way out of the ClassLoader maze. It’s a couple of years old, but still completely relevant. If you’ve ever had to reference a ClassLoader, you’ll want to read it.

GemStone Facets

I just read a really interesting whitepaper about an object database for Java called GemStone Facets. It’s basically like virtual memory for persistent Java objects; objects are faulted into local memory from a shared transactional cache. The downside is that it requires a custom JVM, currently based on the Sun JDK 1.4.2 codebase. Supposedly, they’ve …

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