Frappe-moi, mon cheri, encore une fois!

Perusing the discount bin at The Warehouse yesterday, I came across this gem of a flick:

Slap Her … She’s French

“A French foreign exchange student, named Genevieve, comes to a small town in Texas to attend a local high school where she shacks up with the school’s popular head cheerleader, Starla, and her parents. But Starla soon learns that this French girl is not only smart, attractive, and naive, but quite conniving when Geneviere, with no social life of her own, beings to take over Starla’s, starting with stealing the affections her parents, her friends and Starla’s boyfriend. When Starla is forced to quit the cheerleading squad after getting some bad grads, Genevieve moves in to take her place. When Starla figures out that Genevieve deliberately set it up by giving her bad tutoring to fail all those classes, she begins an all-out personal war against Genevieve to take back her social life. But Genevieve is anticipating exactly that type of response from Starla and soon turns everyone, including Starla’s friends and family, against her by playing the poor victim and making it appear that Starla’s the aggressor.”

Why see this movie?

- Set in Texas (all hail the mighty State! so wonderful! so great!)
- A head cheerleader named “Starla” ?? !! ??
- We hate the French
- Post-flick meal will include freedom fries
- Jen Fox will use this film as an excuse to wear her beret

Das Boot

A secret beer recipe?
A Swedish bikini beer team?
Fight Club meets the Olympics?
Cloris Leachman?

Yeap! Get ready for Beerfest!

PS: Watch the credits!

Future 40’s Fare?

(hi this is pam, not stephen.)

Here’s my ongoing list of crap movies. Feel free to show any of these at your next 40’s hosting venture.

Grease 2
Ninja Bachelor Party (bill hicks)
Gymkata on DVD
Man’s Best Friend
Knight Riders (ed harris, motorcycles)
The Gruesome Twosome
Can’t Stop the Music (village people)
Legend of Billie Jean
How High
My Bodyguard
Men at Work
Black Sheep (coming to SXSW)
Edison Force (justin timberlake)
Basic Instict 2
Dead Heat (zombie cop)
Librarians/Strike Force
3 o’clock High
Slumber Party 1
Over the Edge (matt dillon teen angst)
Angel Dusted (helen hunt afterschool special)
Last Goodbye (vampires)
Vampire’s Kiss
Sars Wars

Coming soon…

A Sparks-only 40s featuring Crank. Starring Jason Statham (aka The Transporter), Efran Ramirez (N. Dynamite’s Pedro) and Dwight Yoakam, the greasy-looking villain from Bandidas and country crooner.

Also, Sars Wars. A new strain of SARS turns people into zombies and Thailand manages to hold out, but you know paradise can’t last forever. There appear to be light saber-type devices.

Big Lebowski on Wii

Fuck it, Dude. Let’s play Wii:

(click the box to start)

Kiwis on the prowl

A vanload of New Zealanders check out the Lean on the Tower of Pisa, run with the Bulls in Pamplona, scam lunch at the Carlton in Cannes, drink to excess and have indiscriminate sex in the campsites of Europe? How kiwi is that?

Kombi Nation

Remember in Space, no one can hear you scream…..

Saturn 3!!!


Do you all remember this movie? I loved it as a kid, but I bet it is VERY 40s worthy. Farrah Fawcett, Kirk Douglas and Harvey Keitel!!!!! 1980! “Two lovers stationed at a remote base in the asteroid fields of Saturn are intruded upon by a retentive technocrat from Earth and his charge: a malevolent 8-ft robot. Remember, in space no one can hear you scream…”
I attempted to add a pretty pic from movie, but this thing is being a pain in the ass and not acccepting it, so I give up.  Just look at the IMDB link.

40s on Nov 12?

I’ll be in Austin the weekend of Nov 11-12, so all I need to know is “Where’s 40s?” Having Casey and then Dirty move away has been a real blow, but I trust the torch has remained burning. Timequest?

Here’s one…

this could be a real doozy.

Teenage Caveman

Teenage Caveman

I haven’t seen it, and it sounds like it’s too bad even for 40s, but the Netflix synopsis caught my attention:

“Cataclysmic events have blasted modern man back into the Stone Age … and now, to keep the population down, there’s a ban on sex! When David (Andrew Keegan) leads a small splinter group of protestors into the wilderness, the wanderers meet Neil (Richard Hillman), who introduces them to “getting jiggy” and to drugs and alcohol. But there’s a catch to all the newfound inhibition, and it’s a … blast!”

According to an IMDB reviewer:

Teenage Caveman combines the post-apocalypse genre with the dead teenagers horror genre, mixes in director Larry Clark’s obsession with (and repulsion toward) teenaged sex, and ends up as a mess. It offers pretty young topless actresses, particularly the real lead, fourth-billed Tiffany Limos, but the fun is ruined by scenery chewing overacting, especially by lead villain Richard Hillman.”

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